National Catholic Health Care Week

October 4 – 10, 2020

At the heart of Catholic health care is a deep respect for the intrinsic value and dignity of every human being and an unwavering commitment to serving all people, from all backgrounds and faiths – especially society’s most vulnerable.

We are purpose driven.

Our footprint on the Canadian health system is vast and our impact is great. Millions of Canadians seek care and services at our facilities each year, and we respond with compassion, innovation, and patient-centeredness. Our contributions make the Canadian health care system, and Canadian society, stronger.

Drawing on a legacy of faith and trust in Providence, we are courageous, resourceful, and confident in taking risks to meet needs. We are inspired by the example of our Founding Sisters – visionary women who for generations advocated and cared for the most destitute people in their communities.

Their ministry has become our mission.