We offer Financial Services in order to give you peace of mind.

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Financial Services

Resident Trust Accounts

The Home provides a banking service, called a Trust Account, as a convenience for residents. The Trust Account allows residents access to spending money without keeping cash with them and can be used for paying bills (e.g. any uninsured medical expenses, hairdresser, cable, telephone, pharmacy).  Alternatively uninsured services can be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer with the monthly accommodation payment. A Trust Account can be established on Admission or at any later time.

Monthly statements are prepared for each resident detailing trust account transactions.


St. Patrick’s Home does not insure personal belongings of residents and cannot assume responsibility for prosthetic devices such as hearing aids, dentures or glasses.

Residents are encouraged to obtain personal insurance for their own belongings brought to the Home.

Residents are requested not to bring valuables into the Home.  It is best to leave them with relatives for safekeeping. As well, it is not advisable to keep sums of cash in the resident’s room. Resident trust accounts can be set up for each resident.

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