St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa offers a wide range of other services for your convenience.

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Other Services

Satellite TV, Telephone & Internet

All resident rooms are satellite TV, telephone and internet ready.  All services can be arranged through our IT Coordinator and Environmental Services staff.

Television including closed circuit TV (CCTV) of religious services held in the Gathering Place is also available for residents in the lounge on each Resident Home Area.

The CCTV also provides information about events happening in the Home on a daily basis.

Hair Salon / Barber Shop

The Hair Salon/Barber Shop is located on the Main Floor. Our hairdressers are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am – 4:00 pm. for wash-and-sets, permanents, cuts and colour rinses.

Appointments are made directly with the hairdresser who establishes the rates. Payment is usually arranged through the Business Office from the resident’s Trust Account.


Receiving Mail – The Home receives mail daily, Monday to Friday. Mail will be delivered to the Home Area for residents.

When on Holiday – When the resident is on holiday or in hospital, mail can be held at the Reception Desk until the resident returns.

Sending Mail – A Canada Post mail box is just outside the main entrance and mail is picked up once a day.  If residents wish to leave mail at the Reception Desk the receptionist will ensure that it is deposited in the mailbox that day.


You can arrange newspaper delivery by contacting the newspaper office concerned. The paper will be delivered to the Home and our staff will deliver to the Resident Home Area.

Lost & Found

Unfortunately small items can be lost. Sometimes they are simply misplaced and we find them later and sometimes they are truly lost.  At St. Pat’s, we have a Lost and Found system to look after these articles.

If you find something that does not belong to you

Bring the item to:

  • The nurse in charge of the unit
  • The Receptionist at the Main Entrance. A lost and found report will be made with your help and the found article will be kept safely until the owner can be found.

If you have lost something

  • Stop and think about when you saw it last and where you saw it
  • Check there again
  • Check with your family in case you asked them to take it home

If none of that is successful, go to one of the following people and fill out a Lost and Found Report with them:

  • The nurse in charge of the unit
  • The Receptionist at the Main Entrance

The nurse in charge of the Home Area will conduct a search of the resident room if required.

Paddy’s Pub

For a social time, residents, family and friends are invited each week to gather together at Paddy’s Place for a good old fashion pub.

Residents enjoy alcoholic, non-alcoholic beverages and snacks along with good conversation and great music.

Check the Recreation Activities calendar for the schedule and location!

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Teena has recently taken on a new role as Coordinator of Quality Improvement at St. Pat’s.  Teena brings with her over 25 years experience as a senior manager of community based long-term care services. Prior to joining St. Pat’s she held the position of Executive Director of The In Community, a multi service agency meeting the needs of adults living in the community with significant physical disabilities.  Teena is excited to begin contributing to the ongoing successes of St. Pat's Home.

Teena Tomlinson

Coordinator of Quality Improvement, St. Patrick's Home of Ottawa