St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa has a residents council to further enhance the integrity of our Home.

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Resident’s Council

Terms of Reference

Statement of Purpose

The Residents’ Council provides a forum for active involvement of residents in the organization of their lives at St. Patrick’s Home as well as providing a vehicle for open communication with Administration and among Residents.


The Residents’ Council shall:

  1. Encourage and receive comments, opinions, suggestions that affect Residents through continual open communication between representatives and residents
  2. Be a communication venue between the Departmental Managers and Residents
  3. Make recommendations and requests to the President & CEO
  4. Address more difficult problems by means of constructive problem-solving suggestions


The executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and one other representative.  In addition, there may be up to ten (10) representatives-at-large (maximum of fifteen [15] in total).


The Residents’ Council shall meet monthly.


Executive Committee is composed of:

President: Resident
  • Vice-President: Resident
  • Secretary: Resident
  • Treasurer: Resident
  • Members at Large: Residents of the Home
  • Treasurer:  Volunteer – (assistant to Council)
  • Staff Liaison: Coordinator, Resident and Family Services


Residents’ Council is an organized, self-led, self-determining democratic group.

What does a Residents’ Council do?

  • Serves as a representative body to liaise with Administration of the Home
  • Serves residents in an advisory capacity
  • Welcomes and supports new residents
  • Helps residents realize his/her full potential for creative living
  • Receives recommendations and suggestions from residents
  • Sponsors activities
  • Educates and Advocates

What are the Benefits of a Residents’ Council?

  • Orientation, support and information for new residents
  • On-going mutual support and strength drawn from mutual experiences

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Teena has recently taken on a new role as Coordinator of Quality Improvement at St. Pat’s.  Teena brings with her over 25 years experience as a senior manager of community based long-term care services. Prior to joining St. Pat’s she held the position of Executive Director of The In Community, a multi service agency meeting the needs of adults living in the community with significant physical disabilities.  Teena is excited to begin contributing to the ongoing successes of St. Pat's Home.

Teena Tomlinson

Coordinator of Quality Improvement, St. Patrick's Home of Ottawa