In June, we launched a campaign to create a Commemorative Healing Garden at St. Patrick’s Home. Our vision is to create a quiet space of refuge, where one can be completed immersed in nature, surrounded by calming plants and trees.

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, honouring our seniors who live at St Pats, their spouses and families, we would like to transform parcels of underutilized green space on the grounds of St. Patrick’s Home into a Commemorative Healing Garden. Commemorative healing gardens are proven to improve resident and staff wellbeing by providing space for relaxation and psychological restoration while being surrounded by intrinsically soothing plants and trees. We would like to create a quiet space of refuge, where one’s senses are completely immersed in nature.

We would love your input on this exciting new initiative. To learn more about the healing power of our garden and how you can get involved, please visit: Commemorative Healing Garden

Transforming Our Existing Green Space






With your support, a parcel of land (pictured) on the south end of our property will be transformed into a Commemorative Healing Garden. We will also increase the use of the Larry Kelly Garden by adding more usable space and shade by building a gazebo. Our new garden will link together our existing green spaces and make them easier for our families to find and use.