Diversion Door

We couldn’t be happy with the amazing Diversion Door we had painted in Donegal RHA. With the support of the Eldercare Foundation grant we were able to make this project happen. It’s only been a few months since our Diversion Doors have been finished and we have already seen a huge success. Exit diversion doors are used to lower resident’s agitation because they no longer see the door as a means of exit off the unit and don’t try to leave their RHA in hopes of going home and get upset at not being able to open it.

Exit diversion helps to create a feeling of home, using an artistic approach. With the support of the Eldercare Foundation has reduced the risk of our residents straying and potentially getting lost, as well as reducing the number of falls and injuries. The bookcase murals will lessen their frustration, and allow our seniors to feel comfortable, warm and welcomed in their Home.

Artist, Andrea Fabricius came up with the beautiful design and had an great time painting the doors while interacting with the residents. She incorporated the fire alarm as part of the house.