St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa has been caring for Ottawa seniors since 1865, inspired by the compassionate spirit of Saint Marguerite d’Youville.

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Before Arriving

What to Bring

Clothing, comfortable footwear with low heels and good grip soles, personal items such as toiletries, special photos or artwork (we will hang them for you), a few decorative items that are special to you. A favourite bedspread can really add a personal touch to the room although we have colour coordinated bedspreads available. If possible, you can make arrangements to come in the evening prior to admission to start making the room your own.

Safety and provision of care are of primary concern. Check out the Room Sizes (140 sq ft –Private and 130 sq ft -Basic) for an idea of space available for personal items. We will ask you to remove oversize or over-abundant items if there is a safety issue or an impediment to care delivery.


On admission day, please remember to bring ALL medications that you take.  It is important that you continue to receive them and it is important for the nursing and medical staff to reconcile the medications as part of your treatment plan.

Arrange for Personal Services 
if desired

The following services are available on a fee for service basis.

Telephone, Satellite TV and Internet Services

All are available through a bulk purchase agreement we have with external providers. We do not charge an installation or termination fee for these services and our rates are very reasonable.

Your Telephone Number

Private Room = 613-731-8380 + 8 + YOUR ROOM #.
Shared Room = 613-731-8380 + 8 + YOUR ROOM # +1 (bed A), +2 (bed B)


Newspaper delivery can occur by you contacting the newspaper office concerned.

Decide family member as main contact person.

In order to ensure clear communication it is important that the Nursing staff have the name of one family member (or significant friend) whom they can contact for information or questions or in emergencies. This person may also be your Power of Attorney for Personal Care.

A “Power of Attorney for Personal Care” is a document, signed by the resident at a time when he or she is competent to sign legal documents. It states who should make day-to-day care decisions for a resident in the future when the resident may no longer be able to do so. It is important that everyone provide this document on admission.


The Home’s insurance policy does not cover personal possessions or prosthetic devices such as hearing aids, dentures or eyeglasses belonging to residents. If valuables are kept at the Home, we recommend that you purchase a Tenant’s Insurance policy.

We recommend that you also take the following precautions:

  • Have a distinctive mark (e.g. social insurance number) engraved on all your furniture (e.g. television, radio, etc.). An engraving pen is available from Environmental Services.
  • Keep all small valuables, including money locked in a drawer.

We discourage residents from keeping sums of money in their rooms as the Home cannot be responsible for loss.

Staff Profile

Welcome to the Newest Member of St. Pat's Leadership Team who is pleased to introduce herself to everyone!

My name is Korry MacLeod, and I am thrilled to introduce myself as the new Coordinator for Quality Improvement and Risk Management. With a background in healthcare management, I bring extensive expertise in implementing, coordinating, and monitoring quality improvement and risk management activities. My past experience includes working as the Manager of Community Support Services at Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre, Policy Analyst at the Division of Aging, Seniors, and Dementia at the Centre for Health Promotion, Public Health Agency of Canada. In addition, I have worked as a Curriculum Developer at Algonquin College, where I was responsible for designing course materials for the Person and Family-Centered Approach to Care Coordination course. Drawing from a wealth of experience in long-term care, I have held positions in program management and resident and family services. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my skills and knowledge to our team, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and ensuring the highest standards of quality and risk management. I'm excited to work with the team to drive positive outcomes and improve the lives of our Residents.

Korry MacLeod

Coordinator of Quality Improvement and Risk Management, St. Patrick's Home of Ottawa


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