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St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa has been caring for Ottawa seniors since 1865, inspired by the compassionate spirit of Saint Marguerite d’Youville.

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Admission Day & the First Few Days

The day of admission is a very busy and tiring day. Each new resident and family members are greeted by our Social Worker who takes them to their Resident Home Area. A new resident will meet many people on that first day, including nursing and nutritional services staff who need to know specific health and dietary concerns. A nurse will take a blood pressure and other vital signs and ask about current medications. Staff who work on the resident’s Home Area will be introduced to the resident and will explain routines of the Care Area. As much as possible, staff try to accommodate preferences of each resident, for example, bath days and time.

On admission day, every resident must sign a Resident Admission Contract which describes the rights and responsibilities of residents of St. Patrick’s Home. A signed copy of the contract will be returned to the resident on request. An appointment is made with the

Business Office to complete this task.

Over the next few hours, the resident and family will have a chance to unpack and settle in. Someone from the Housekeeping & Laundry Department will introduce themselves and explain the procedure about room cleaning and laundry. Resident clothing will be removed for labelling. Labelling is very important in order to identify clothing that will be sent to the laundry. All electrical appliances, lamps, etc. brought in will be inspected for safety by an Environmental Services staff.

During the next few days, other staff will be introduced to the resident and family (if present), and will be offering help in their respective areas.

Resident Contract

Upon admission, the Social Worker provides the resident and family member(s) with a copy of the Resident Contract. The resident/family is asked to call the VP Finance (613-731-0094, extension 292) in the Finance Office to set up an appointment to meet to discuss the contract and the room rate that the resident will be paying.

The contract outlines:

  • the obligations of the resident or substitute decision maker and
  • the related obligations of the Home,
  • what care and services are provided as part of the room rate and
  • available ancillary services and associates fees

Monique has recently joined St. Pat’s Home Team as the Vice President of Nursing. Monique brings with her over 25 years in the long-term care sector and has experience in all the clinical areas. She received her Degree in Nursing with a concentration in Gerontology in 2002. Prior to joining St. Pat’s she held the position of Director of Care for 15 years at local long-term care home.

Monique Patterson

Vice President of Nursing, St. Patrick's Home of Ottawa