St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa has been caring for Ottawa seniors since 1865, inspired by the compassionate spirit of Saint Marguerite d’Youville.


Strategic Plan – From Today to 2021

St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa has been caring for Ottawa seniors since 1865, inspired by the compassionate spirit of Saint Marguerite d’Youville and sustained by the Grey Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.

Our staff and volunteers provide 24-hour, individualized care — nursing, physiotherapy, social and recreational programs, spiritual care and more — to nearly 300 residents as diverse as the Ottawa community itself.

This strategic plan defines the priorities and focus of St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa for the coming four years.

As part of the strategic planning process, our Board of Directors considered what is most important to our residents, their families, our staff, our senior leadership and the St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa Foundation. The Home’s vision, mission and values have been refined so that together they provide a foundation for making decisions and for carrying out our operations in keeping with the legacy of the Grey Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.

The collective input from all those with a stake in the future of St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa was combined with a strategic review of policy and planning directions. We have identified where we should focus our energy and resources to deliver the greatest possible benefit to our residents and the broader community we serve.

The Directors of the Board of St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa thank all of those who contributed to this planning process. The senior leadership team and the Board of Directors are committed to achieving the directions set out in this strategic plan — and look forward to working with everyone that has a role in making that happen.


The strategic directions for St. Patrick’s Home for the period 2016-21 include:

Our Strategic Directions

St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa has identified four strategic directions for 2016–2021:


  1. Provide consistent, high-quality, person-centred care.
  2. Expand opportunities to connect and engage in meaningful activities.
  3. Be a strong, healthy, resilient organization.
  4. Work to evolve our campus of services and supports.
Strategic Direction 1

Provide consistent, high-quality, person-centred care

“Staff are deeply committed to the people who live here.” At St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa, people are seen and respected as individuals. We focus on the whole person, including their strengths and capacities not just the abilities they may have lost. Care and other services are delivered flexibly so that residents’ needs are met in whatever ways are best for them. Doing this well improves the quality of care and increases the satisfaction of residents and their families. So does making sure residents and their families are actively involved in identifying their personal preferences, needs, abilities and values — and in making decisions about their own care. When staff and volunteers work with the same residents on a daily basis, they get to know them and develop relationships rooted in trust, respect and understanding. The same is true when people work together on teams over time. Staff provide better and more consistent care when they understand each other’s roles and build on each other’s strengths and skills. To meet residents’ increasingly complex care needs, we are committed to ensuring our approach reflects best practices, which could mean developing new ways of working or new areas of expertise — alone or together with other organizations. All of this shapes residents’ experience of St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa, and continues our long legacy of providing high-quality, compassionate care.

Strategic Direction 2
Expand opportunities to connect and engage in meaningful activities

“We need to respond and be open to what is meaningful for residents.”

Everyone needs a sense of purpose. When residents are able to give input and share responsibility for decisions about what happens in their home, they are more likely to become engaged in meaningful activity — and to feel that they live in a place that is truly welcoming. “Meaningful” activity may be helping to organize an event, participating in social and recreational programs, or simply sitting in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

Purpose and engagement also come from being connected — to friends and family, to other residents, to staff and volunteers. When residents do not have many connections (for example, if they have few family members or friends close by) or if they have less independence, they need more support to feel engaged. People also need to be able to engage in their own interests, which can shift over time as their abilities and capacity change.

Anyone who comes to live at St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa has a life story, a personal story. And that story continues to unfold while they are here. Our staff and volunteers understand that — and appreciate each person’s life journey.

Strategic Direction 3
Be a strong, healthy and resilient organization

“Staff want to be actively engaged in identifying solutions.”

Healthy and resilient organizations embrace change. Sometimes those changes are large and challenging — such as our recent move to a new building at a time when our resident population was growing. Sometimes the changes are smaller and more incremental, part of the continuous process of improving quality.

While the commitment to learn and change is strong at St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa, we need new, solution-focused processes to engage people across the organization in quality improvement. Strengthening our systems and the ways we work will bring greater efficiency, make us more effective, and contribute to staff health and wellbeing. All of these ultimately benefit our residents and their families.

To capitalize on the community’s strong support of St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa, we aim to grow our volunteer program, identifying the many ways people can contribute positively to our residents’ experience. We will also strengthen our working relationship with the St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa Foundation, whose fundraising and philanthropy are vital to our work.

Strategic Direction 4
Work to evolve our campus of services and supports

“We have a real opportunity to develop our campus to meet the needs of our community”

We aim to develop our campus to include services and supports that complement the long-term care we provide. It is clear that there are unmet needs in the community — and that our organization has great potential to meet those needs. With a parcel of land connected to St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa available for development, we have the opportunity to extend our mission to serve more of those who require care and support, provided we can generate the financial resources to do so. This will require strong support from the community and from the St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa Foundation.

To advance along this path, we must be disciplined about clarifying our needs, developing plans, engaging partners and the broader community, implementing a capital campaign and managing development effectively.

Teena has recently taken on a new role as Coordinator of Quality Improvement at St. Pat’s.  Teena brings with her over 25 years experience as a senior manager of community based long-term care services. Prior to joining St. Pat’s she held the position of Executive Director of The In Community, a multi service agency meeting the needs of adults living in the community with significant physical disabilities.  Teena is excited to begin contributing to the ongoing successes of St. Pat's Home.

Teena Tomlinson

Coordinator of Quality Improvement, St. Patrick's Home of Ottawa


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