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St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa offers spiritual/religious care which provides a source of coping, inner strength, peace, hope & joy.

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Professional Services

Social Services

Social services believes in the autonomy of the person. To this end, we assist persons as they become residents of the Home, with involvement in all aspects of their care. We help the resident and family work through any difficulties experienced while adjusting to life in the Home.

A Social Worker is available Monday to Friday during normal business hours and is available, if required, at any time during the resident’s stay at St. Pat’s.

Spiritual and Religious Care Service

Spirituality is an integral component of our wellbeing.  Spiritual/Religious care provides a source of coping, inner strength, peace, hope and joy. Our spiritual and religious care team include a Manager, Priest (Chaplain),  Liturgist and  Spiritual/Palliative Care provider.

At St. Patrick’s Long-term Care home there are three primary components to the Spiritual and Religious Care that is provided. They are as follows:


This involves the ministry of presence. The ministry of presence is demonstrated by having a Spiritual Care Staff member, or trained volunteer accompany a resident through their time at St. Patrick’s Home. This takes the form of helping resident reflect on the experiential and the emotional aspects of their lives involving feelings of hope, love, connection, relationships, inner peace, comfort and support.


This involves the full participation of the community in the worship and celebration of our Catholic faith. As a faith based home we strive to respect and serve the individual needs of all our residents. Our monthly ecumenical Service (Anglican) is an example of providing support to our residents in the larger Christian community. Contact can be made with a community clergy on request basis. A Multi-faith model of Spiritual Care is available for residents seeking support from a specific faith tradition.

Palliative Care:

The goal of palliative Care is to offer comfort, and hold the dignity of the person to achieve the best quality of life. This is primarily based on one’s unique physical, psychological, social, cultural, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Palliative care from the spiritual perspective is both a privilege and responsibility. Our involvement as part of the palliative multi-disciplinary team involves the following:

  • Vigiling with the resident
  • Support for familles
  • Funeral arrangements
  • Memorials
  • Remembrance Service
  • Prayer chapel

If you wish to volunteer with our Spiritual Care Team please click here.

Monique has recently joined St. Pat’s Home Team as the Vice President of Nursing. Monique brings with her over 25 years in the long-term care sector and has experience in all the clinical areas. She received her Degree in Nursing with a concentration in Gerontology in 2002. Prior to joining St. Pat’s she held the position of Director of Care for 15 years at local long-term care home.

Monique Patterson

Vice President of Nursing, St. Patrick's Home of Ottawa