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St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa offers a wide array of services to help serve our residents better.

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Care & Services

Nursing Services

St. Patrick’s Home’s nursing philosophy that each resident’s independence be maximized.  Nursing staff identify individual strengths and work with each resident to enhance or maintain these strengths.  Comfort, and autonomy are balanced with safety to support independence. The nursing staff support an environment that ensures privacy, dignity and maintains personal lifestyle as much as possible.

The Home has Registered Nurses (RNs), Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) and Personal Support Workers (PSWs) twenty four hours a day.  These staff work with the resident and family and other members of the interdisciplinary team to assess, plan and deliver care designed to meet each resident’s specific needs.

Registered staff are responsible for daily functioning of each Resident Home Area and for medication and treatment administration.  The PSW provides direct personal care such as bathing, grooming, toileting, mobility assistance and assistance with meals and other activities.

Residents will be cared for by qualified care providers of both genders and from many ethnic backgrounds.

Medical Services

Our Medical Director and 10 Attending Physicians are available to serve our residents’ medical needs. Typically, each doctor visits the Home weekly and this group of committed professionals have an on call roster twenty four hours a day.

If you wish to continue to see your own family physician, please notify the VP of Nursing prior to admission.  The family physician must agree to continue in that capacity, and must sign a formal Attending Physician agreement to be available for all medical care and emergencies that may arise. You or your Substitute Decision Maker must contact your family physician prior to admission to ensure continuity of care and to ensure that s/he will provide medical services at St. Patrick’s Home in accordance with Ministry of Health standards, and Long Term Care including being available to the clinical care team.

If you wish a meeting with the St. Patrick’s Home Physician assigned to your care at any time after admission, please notify the Charge RN for your Home Area so an appointment can be scheduled.

More Services we Offer…

Monique has recently joined St. Pat’s Home Team as the Vice President of Nursing. Monique brings with her over 25 years in the long-term care sector and has experience in all the clinical areas. She received her Degree in Nursing with a concentration in Gerontology in 2002. Prior to joining St. Pat’s she held the position of Director of Care for 15 years at local long-term care home.

Monique Patterson

Vice President of Nursing, St. Patrick's Home of Ottawa